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Have a heart.

We know they do.

We love indie boys, they love each other.
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Pure and simply there is this:

We love indie boys. The cuffed, slim-leg jeans. The retro tees. The unkempt hair. The bandanna in the back pocket that serves no useful purpose. The ability to play (or go to) a show, drink all night, sleep it off, then do it again.

Indie boys love each other. Are they more sensitive? Less masculine? I doubt it. Probably just happier. And they show their happiness by showing their love. And the show their love to each other.

And we love to watch it.


1. The point of this community is to post pictures of indie boys. If they are touching, that's awesome, that's what we want, but we also accept pictures of single indie boys.

2. Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Simple Plan and the like are not indie boys. There is a different between loving, talented indie boys and poseur sell-outs. I will delete anything I don't like.

2b. Emo/screamo/hardcore/fill-in-the-blankcore boys will be accepted as long as you keep 2 in mind.

3. If your post is larger than 400k, please put it behind an lj-cut (don't know how? check here). If you don't know how large the picture is, use your common sense.

4. Off-topic posts are not allowed. This includes: introductory posts, posts about the bands you like that aren't accompanied by pictures, advertisements for your band or your friend's band or a band you like, advertisements for a live show, pictures of boys in general (see links below). Plugs for LJ communities will NOT be allowed. All the communities you kids try to plug are lame.

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